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Hydraulic Log Splitter

Austter is a leading hydraulic log splitter machine manufacturer and exporter in China. Mainly supplying 22ton, 25ton, 28ton, 35ton log splitters, 6.5hp and 15 hp engines gas log splitters. Welcome OEM ODM

22 Ton Wood Hydraulic Log Splitter

22 Ton Wood Hydraulic Log Splitter

Split Force: 22 Ton
Engine:6.5hp Ducar Petrol Engine (EPA)
Max. Splitting Length:24" (610mm)
Max. Splitting Dia.r:19-1/2" (500mm)
Cylinder Diameter:4 inches
Cycle Time:13.5 seconds
Pump Flow:14 GPM 2-Stage
Filter:Internal Filter
Control Valve: 100L Automatic Return
Wedge:Removeable 4-way Cross Wedge
Vacuum tire:16*4.8"-8 D.O.T Approved
Coupling Hitch:2" Tow Ball

25 Ton Petrol Wood Log Splitter

25 Ton Petrol Wood Log Splitter

Split Force: 25 Ton
Typle: Horizontal and Vertical
Engine: 6.5hp Ducar Petrol Engine (EPA)
Splitting Force: 25 Ton
Log Capacity: 26" / 655mm
Pump Size: 14 GPM
Hydraulic Cyliner Bore: 4“ / 100mm
Hydraulic Cylinder Stroke: 24" / 610mm
Hydraulic Rod Diameter: 1-3/4" / 45mm
Cylinder Cycle Time: 9.7 seconds
Hydraulic Capacity: 4.2 Gasllon / 15.7L

35 Ton Gas Powered Log Splitter

35 Ton Gas Powered Log Splitter

Split Force: 35 Ton
Typle: Horizontal and Vertical
Engine: 15hp Ducar Petrol Engine (EPA)
Log Capacity: 26.5" / 655mm
Pump Size: 17 GPM
Hydraulic Cyliner Bore: 5z / 125mm
Hydraulic Cylinder Stroke: 24" / 610mm
Hydraulic Rod Diameter: 2" / 50mm
Cylinder Cycle Time: 12.8 Seconds
Hydraulic Capacity: 6.3 Gallon / 22.5 L

28 Ton Wood Hydraulic Log Splitter

28 Ton Wood Hydraulic Log Splitter

Split Force: 28 Ton
Typle: Horizontal and Vertical
Log Capacity: 26" / 655mm
Pump Size: 14 GPM
Hydraulic Cyliner Bore: 4-1/2” / 115mm
Hydraulic Cylinder Stroke: 24" / 610mm
Hydraulic Rod Diameter: 1-3/4" / 45mm
Cylinder Cycle Time:13.2 seconds
Hydraulic Capacity: 6.3 Gallon / 17.2 L



Split your wood chunks, crotches, end cuts, and firewood logs with Austter gas log splitters. Austter 22Ton, 25Ton, 35Ton hydraulic log splitters provide many unique features for firewood producers to maximize efficiency and productivity without the higher cost investment of a firewood processor.


We are one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of hydraulic log splitter in China. Austter Petrol Log Splitters are designed to befit the requirements of homeowners, small firewood businesses, and commercial firewood companies. All our products are ISO certified guaranteeing safety while using them.

Why Choose Austter Log Splitters

• Our products are ergonomically designed for best handling and effective results
• State of the art machinery ensuring quick results
• Our hydraulic firewood machines are ISO 9001:2000 Certified
• We have expanded our export horizons and now cater to nations like America, South Africa, Australia, South America, South East Asia and European countries.

More Info About Austter Log Splitters

• Control Valve: Auto Return with Ajustable Detent
• Hydraulic Oil Included: No include
• Remplacement Filters: Buit-in, Sealed, Return Filter, Suction Screen
• Hoses: High pressure w/wire braid; Coil-wrapped
• Beam: Heavy duty U-shape formed formed construction
• Wedge Size: 7-1/2″ / 190 mm
• Wedge Style: 2-way
• Rear Wheels: 4.80-8, DOT Approved 16″ O.D. Road Tires
• Hitch Coupler: 50mm Ball with Safety Chains
• Satety Chains: Standard
• Max Towing Speed: 45 mph / 72.4 kmh
• Hitch Handle: Standard
• Horizontal/Vertical Splitting: Standard
• Open Operating Zone: Standard
• Centrally Located Controls: Standard
• Wheel Fenders: No
• Log Cradle: Standard

What Is a Log Splitter?

Machines are here to make our task easy and effective; the log splitters are used for extracting firewood from softwood or hardwood logs from pre-cut pieces.

Log splitters are either manually operated or you have the option of motorized ones. However, using the manual one will require more labour and force. So, now most of the people opt for the motorized ones. These hydraulic pumps are either driven by electricity, or gasoline or diesel.

Although the log splitters are manufactured under stringent quality control conditions, only adults who are trained to use these splitters must work on it. Most of the hydraulic log splitters have two-handed operations for safety which means that the person using the hydraulic log splitter needs to use both his/her hands to operate the machine — thus giving more stability to the operator and the machine.

Types of Wood Log Splitter:

1. Horizontal Log Splitters – Horizontal Log Splitters is the most commonly used log splitter. These machines are designed in such a manner that it provides support to the log, which helps in uplifting the log into the right position before cutting them. These are either operated manually or electric or by gas. These are the best choice for splitting smaller logs.

2. Vertical Log Splitters – For splitting bigger logs, you can use the vertical log splitter, and once the log is positioned for splitting, you don’t need to do any work, the machine automatically starts splitting the log. In this type, the splitting wedge is built onto the ram and has the flat base making easy for you to roll the log without the need to lift it.

3. Electric Log Splitters – If you are looking for an easy to use compact log splitter, then you can invest in an electric log splitter. The hydraulic motor of these log splitters is powered by electricity. You can set it up on the bench and use it. Their compact size makes them fit to be used indoors, or outdoors.

4. Petrol Log Splitters – Petrol Log splitters have become very common. Whether you are looking for Personal use or for your firewood business, this petrol driven log splitters are easy to use and operate. They are available in different styles and models. You can pick the one which best matches your requirement. The best part is that you can easily carry them to the desired location and start using it.

5. Manual Log Splitters – When it talks about log splitters, then they are available in different types, some of them are powered by electricity, while others are hydraulic. However, there are the conventional ones which make use of manual force. It makes use of mechanic leverage to force logs through a share blade assembly and screw.

6. Hydraulic Log Splitters – Hydraulics is basically the force which drives these machines. These machines have hydraulic pumps which can be either driven by electricity or gas. It is the easiest option for splitting wood. However, these machines can pose a bit of problem while splitting stringy logs. They are available in vertical and horizon types.

7. Kinetic Log Splitters – These are highly powered log splitters. They have the flywheel system which draws energy from the engine in the spinning flywheel and with this energy, they help in faster extraction of firewood. If you are looking for quick work and faster results with safety, these are the log splitters for you.

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