Backyard Essentials: Important Things to Know When Using a Stump Grinder

When cutting the trees, whether by yourself or through hiring tree services, the stumps are left behind. Some companies don’t cover the removal of stumps in the contract. For the others, they are an added service at a pricey cost. If you don’t remove them, they will leave an eyesore to your backyard and may even pose some safety risks.

tree stump

This means that this task is usually done by the homeowners. Doing it manually is just close to impossible. The work required is just not ideal and will not even get the job done entirely right. This is where stump grinding comes in.


What Is a Stump Grinder?


A stump grinder is a powered tool built with a rotating disc to get rid of tree stumps and roots. This is called stump grinding. This process will enable you to utilize the area where your trees once were for planting other vegetation.


What Are the Benefits of Using a Stump Grinder?

Using a stump grinder in eliminating undesirable tree roots and stumps will make the work faster and more efficient. Freeing your backyard with those will contribute to further benefits:


  • Space

One tree stump can ruin your backyard, let alone several of them. They take a lot of space where you can use for your other plants and flowers. They take space both above and below the surface. The old roots of the trees will affect lawn growth and other trees and plants found in your backyard as they will compete with space and nutrients.


  • Property Value



Tree stumps lessen the appeal of your entire property. If you’re putting your home on the market, it’s essential that you keep everything neat and beautiful. Otherwise, people will get turned off. If they do buy your house, they’ll ask for a lesser price as they’ll be spending more on fixing the yard.


  • Safety

Tree stumps are trip hazards. If people are not aware of it, they may fall and suffer from injuries. You and the rest of your family may be aware of where the stumps are. However, relatives and guests are not. Make your backyard safe by getting rid of the stumps and other obstacles.


  • Insects

Tree stumps are on the process of decay and many types of insects and pests love them. These include ants, termites, wood borers, and beetles. These will invade your tree stumps and eventually, will invade your other trees and plants.
Nonessential Sprouts

Tree stumps are still capable of producing new growth. Many unnecessary sprouts could grow around the stumps. This is both unhealthy and unappealing. These unwanted sprouts and healthy trees and plants will battle for the nutrients and space hindering the healthy ones to grow properly.


  • Appeal

As already mentioned, tree stumps are very unappealing to the eyes. Removing them will make a huge impact on your backyard. You will now have more space to put other plants, flowers, and even decors to your yard.


How to Do Stump Grinding

If you plan to get your own stump grinder, it’s essential that you know the right process of stump grinding. This is for you to complete the task efficiently with minimal to no accidents.


  • 1. Remove rocks and other unnecessary materials around the stump’s base.



Begin the task by using your shovel to eliminate rocks and other obstructions around the area of the tree stumps. You should do this carefully as rocks can potentially damage the teeth of your powered tool.


  • 2. Trim the stump with a chainsaw.

Carefully use your chainsaw to trim the stumps until they are nearing the ground. This step is not mandatory. However, this helps you finish the job faster.


  • 3. Elevate the grinder wheel using the hydraulic lever.

Lift the grinder wheel through the hydraulic lever. It should be several inches above the tree stump. Move the equipment forward so the wheel is over the front edge of the stump. Begin spinning the wheel and gradually lower it to more or less three inches into the tree stump.

Utilize the lever to swing the wheel slowly to clear the stump. When you have dug about four inches, lift the wheel, forward the equipment just several inches and do the process again.


  • 4. Stay away from the cutting wheel.

When operating your stump grinder, always observe safety precautions. While this machine is efficient for backyard maintenance, it is also dangerous to use due to the sharp blades it comes with.

During the stump grinding process, make sure to distance yourself from the cutting wheel. Always be aware of where you are positioning yourself. You must always be at the control panel. You can find this by the equipment’s rear and far from the cutting wheel.



Backyard care and maintenance is a must for every household. It will require a lot of work, but it will all be worth it. The benefits mentioned above are just some of what you can enjoy with a beautiful backyard. When dealing with unwanted tree stumps, the best way to go is through a stump grinder.

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