The Nightmares Of Shifting Heavy Loads Are Over With The Power Wheelbarrow In Hand

It may have been many times that the branches of the trees have downed due to storm and you need to clean them, or you need to carry gravel or soil for the landscaping of your home and used the manual wheelbarrow for the work. It is natural that one gets exhausted cleaning the ground and transferring other heavy loads with a manual wheelbarrow.



It needs to be uniformly balanced with the load, as it comes with a single front wheel and needs a push to move forward, and ultimately drenching out all your energy even before starting the actual work. Well, with the development of technology and its implementations, it is time to use the right equipment that is not only powerful but also safer to use.

Use of the power wheelbarrows or the power carts is the best solution for overcoming the working blues in the yard, and one can easily use them to carry heavy loads at places difficult for the utility cart or the riding mower to move.

A power wheelbarrow, therefore, is one of the best equipment to have in the garden storeroom for moving any loads from one place to another efficiently and effectively while minimizing the physical strains on the body and staying energetic while doing the real job.

With multiple features incorporated in the power wheelbarrows, they are essential arsenal for caring and maintaining the gardens and yards almost effortlessly. Whether you are an amateur working in the gardens and the yards, or you are a professional business entity where the shifting of materials is necessary particularly in the construction industry and allied service industries, the power carts increase the speed and efficiency of the work and increases the output to a great extent.

The Scope Of Doing Work With The Power Wheelbarrows

Usually, a power wheelbarrow weighs around 300 to 400 pounds but can carry loads to the extent of 600 to 700 pounds. One should always check with the manufacturer’s specifications before engaging one for some specific work.


They are suitable for carrying cement and bricks for any construction work, logs, wood chips, soil, gravel, feed for the livestock, and what not, with the range of their load-bearing capacity. They can be used in any construction site, in the yards or the factory shop floors for carrying materials from one place to another.

How Are The Power Wheelbarrows Driven?

It is quite understandable by now that these types of wheelbarrows are powered by motors so that they can move from one place to another mechanically, otherwise the word ‘power’ wouldn’t be added and it could be termed as a manual wheelbarrow only that needs to be pushed from behind.


The power wheelbarrows are fitted with gas engines to generate enough power to turn the wheels towards the desired destination carrying the loads. Many renowned manufacturers have developed power wheelbarrows equipped with some of the most powerful engines with the carts, so that they can not only travel through uneven grounds, but can even travel up on the slopes of 20 degrees with some little efforts from the operator.

Most of the advanced power wheelbarrows have transmission facilities in them, coupled with the gearbox for having forward and reverse movements and speed settings. With the transmission facility attached to the power wheelbarrows, movement in any direction with the load is possible.

Again many power wheelbarrows work on electrical energy that turns the motor and they require less maintenance. However, they are much lighter, but the load-bearing capacity is also much less than the models powered by gas engines.

The Wheels In The Power Carts

It is not only the power of the engine or the motor and the gearbox that moves the power wheelbarrows, but the wheels or the track drives of proper design are also necessary to move the carts in any terrain.


Although many power carts are fitted with traditional wheels with tyres, with the advancement of technology, many manufacturers are incorporating the track drive technology in the gas engine drive power wheelbarrows, where the tracks stay in contact with the ground and rotate around the wheels and produce the desired movement.

This type of drives are quite useful on rocky or rough and uneven grounds and provides additional grip and traction on the slopes. They are like the crawler-mounted vehicles.

The traditional wheelbarrows have wheels that are pneumatic and have rubber tire body fitted with the metal hub. These types of tires can absorb much shock while carrying the load and makes the movement smooth.

Even some of the wheelbarrows powered by gas engine come with caster wheels attached to the body and not on the axle to keep them lightweight and increase the efficiency of movement. Whatever may be the choice as per the situation on the ground, the power wheelbarrows are easy to maneuver considering its weight and load bearing capacity.

Many models come with simple steering like pulling some handle, or trigger to give a zero radius turn, and manage the severe and tight corners.

Offloading The Tubs

One of the best usages of the mini dumpers is easy offloading of the tubs at the desired place. Unlike the ATV or any types of the riding mower that needs to pull the riding trailers and then manually unload the materials at the desired spot, the power wheelbarrows have the facility to dump them at the user-defined place.


In traditional wheelbarrows that are not motorized, the complete unit needs to be tipped with the physical strength of the operator and the task is often hectic, and the load is difficult to maintain and balance. With the use of hoppers in the power wheelbarrows, this problem is negated, and only the tub is tipped while keeping the primary unit firm and steady on the ground.

Usually, the power wheelbarrows fitted with the manual hoppers are tipped lifting a handle provided on the unit. Many power carts have hoppers that are designed keeping in mind the center of gravity so that the tipping becomes easy irrespective of the weight it carries.

Again, some state of the art power carts come with different types and styles of the lift, and they are either hydraulically powered or have electrically powered hoppers or the gas-powered hoppers with shock assistance facility.

It is time to use the motor driven or engine driven power wheelbarrows with hoppers that work on mechanical or electrical power. Working on the ground has become easy with them, as they can haul a substantial load and tip them at the desired spot without any manual efforts.

The transportation blues for the materials from the place where they are dumped to the desired destination is over, and the thoughts of vehicles and tow carts are a thing of the past.

The power wheelbarrows that work with the gas engine or electric motors and have transmission and hopping facilities have minimized the efforts that would have been needed otherwise, and helped to work with more enthusiasm and energy.

Moving things within a limited periphery has become easy and effortless using the power wheelbarrows. It is time that one should use the technologically developed power carts and ease the working process.

The specifications:


1. Make: AUSTTER
2. Engine: Powered by Kohler make Vertical Petrol Engine having capacity 173 cc.
3. Transmission: Through gearbox with 4 forward and 1 reverse speed.
4. Capacity: 300 Kg
5. Drive: The wheelbarrow has 4×4 chain drive.
6. Width: The Maximum width is 74 cm.
7. Limited Grade Ability: 20 degree
8. Maximum Travel Speed: 05-5 KM/H
9. Unloading: Manual
10. Tipping Bucket Thickness: 2mm
11. Wheels: Front wheels 400- 10, Rear Wheels 400-8.
12. Method of packing: Iron Frame or Plywood case.

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