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Wood Chipper Safety: The Ultimate Guide [Infographics]

Wood chipper machines are useful powered tools for backyard care, It can split branch to small piece.

There is no doubt that wood chipper and chipper shredder machine can greatly improve our work efficiency.

But, We must remember that safety is more important than efficiency.

While using this machine certain precautions to be flowed to avoid any serious injuries.

The following infographic will help you get a clear and insightful understanding of How To Safely Use a Wood Chipper.

wood chipper safety


13 Tips Help You Safely Use a Wood Chipper

1. Ensure to read the manual
You cannot skip this step! A manual contains information as to how to use the wood chipper and how it works. It will have information that will help you utilize the machine and stay safe.

2. Wear the right clothes
Clothes and materials, such as jewelry and belts, should not be worn when you operate a wood chipper.
Ensure that you are wearing tight-fitting clothes, so that these do not get caught in the moving parts of the wood chipper.

3. Inspect the machine
Before you start, make sure that you do not start working the wood chipper without checking the wood chipper. There could lose hinges and the moving parts of the wood chipper could come lose and create problems later.

4. Use Safety Equipment
When you operate a wood chipper, make sure that you have a hard, safety helmet and safety goggles to protect your head and eyes. Since the wood chippers move a lot and chip off wood, so the debris may get in your eyes and your head. Furthermore, ensure to use heavy-duty work gloves, ear protection, and steel-toed boots.

5. Decluter your space
When you make use of the wood chipper, you should clean off the area. Eliminate all of the things that may cause you to trip and injure yourself.

6. Mix Green And Dry Leaves
Do not just feed the dry leaves. It’s recommendable to mix them together when feeding leaves to the chipper, since the green leaves will provide moisture to smooth the task for your wood chipper.

7. Don’t put your hands in the hopper
When you feed branches into the hopper, they don’t go directly into the chipping chamber. Use another object such as a branch, stick, or pole to push them in. Never push the materials with your hands. Never put your hands beyond the area indicated by the safety label in the hopper. Different chippers have different designs of the depth to which it is safe to put your hands.

8. Take care of the load
A lot of accidents with wood chippers happen when you place a heavier load on the wood chipper. Consider the capability of your chipper and make sure that you do not overload it.

9. Go easy
While using the machine ensure that you star slowly with the minimum speed to make sure that you can hear everything there is to listen. At times, there are a lot of issues that cannot be seen but heard.

10.Know when to step away
Once the wood chipper is at par and the material to be shredded is in it, move away. You should stay at a safe distance to see everything. In addition, when you open it, make sure that all the moving parts in the wood chipper have stopped.

11. Give the machine tune-ups
Regular tune-ups help you to ensure maximum safety. Cleaning and fixing small issues whenever they arise will help you to make sure that no accidents await you in the future.

12. Storage
Consider the size of your wood chipper and the weather. Make sure that you store the machine properly during rains and winters to ensure there is no damage to the machinery and its working parts.

13. Keep Kids and Pets Far Away
When you are working, keep your children, pets, and other bystanders away from the wood chipper for their safety. Due to the flying debris, loose wood chips on the ground, heavy branches, and the machine itself, it could be very dangerous and unsafe for your children and pets to be around.

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