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The Best Hydraulic Log Splitter Manufacturer and Supplier in China

A hydraulic log splitter is a piece of garden equipment that gains more and more attention. It is a gardening tool that makes splitting wood easier and faster. While this piece of machinery is quite costly, it is indeed handy, especially when you need to split tons of wood. Today, you’ll learn where you need to get your log splitter to ensure that it functions optimally and that it lasts for a very long time.

I. What Company Is the Best Hydraulic Log Splitter Manufacturer?



With countless choices to choose from, it can get overwhelming to choose the best hydraulic log splitter supplier in China. As you may already know, China is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of reliable and affordable log splitters.

To give you a headstart, you must check out Austter.

Weifang Austter Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is a China-based company famous for producing some of the best power garden machinery. The company produces wood chippers, stump grinders, mini power trenchers, and hydraulic log splitters among others. Austter products have been exported to various regions, including Europe, USA, Australia, South America, South Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

II. What Type of Log Splitter Does Austter Supply?

One of the main reasons why Austter is a top choice is the variations of log splitters they offer. Check out the different log splitters the company produces, each of which has its own features:

A. 22 Ton Wood Hydraulic Log Splitter

wood hydraulic log splitter

● Split Force: 22 Ton
● Engine:6.5hp Ducar Petrol Engine (EPA)
● Max. Splitting Length:24″ (610mm)
● Max. Splitting Dia.r:19-1/2″ (500mm)
● Cylinder Diameter:4 inches
● Cycle Time:13.5 seconds
● Pump Flow:14 GPM 2-Stage
● Filter:Internal Filter
● Control Valve: 100L Automatic Return
● Wedge:Removeable 4-way Cross Wedge
● Vacuum tire:16*4.8″-8 D.O.T Approved
● Coupling Hitch:2″ Tow Ball

B. 25 Ton Petrol Wood Log Splitter

gas log splitter

● Split Force: 25 Ton
● Type: Horizontal and Vertical
● Engine: 6.5hp Ducar Petrol Engine (EPA)
● Splitting Force: 25 Ton
● Log Capacity: 26″ / 655mm
● Pump Size: 14 GPM
● Hydraulic Cylinder Bore: 4“ / 100mm
● Hydraulic Cylinder Stroke: 24″ / 610mm
● Hydraulic Rod Diameter: 1-3/4″ / 45mm
● Cylinder Cycle Time: 9.7 seconds
● Hydraulic Capacity: 4.2 Gallon / 15.7L

C. 35 Ton Gas Powered Log Splitter

vertical wood splitter
● Split Force: 35 Ton
● Type: Horizontal and Vertical
● Engine: 15hp Ducar Petrol Engine (EPA)
● Log Capacity: 26.5″ / 655mm
● Pump Size: 17 GPM
● Hydraulic Cylinder Bore: 5z / 125mm
● Hydraulic Cylinder Stroke: 24″ / 610mm
● Hydraulic Rod Diameter: 2″ / 50mm
● Cylinder Cycle Time: 12.8 Seconds
● Hydraulic Capacity: 6.3 Gallon / 22.5 L

III. How Does a Hydraulic Log Splitter Work?

A log splitter is a type of garden tool that allows you to split wood faster without exerting too much effort. Depending on the type, a log splitter depends on power sources, such as manual power, gas, and electricity. However, a lot of log splitters used today rely on hydraulics.

So, how does a hydraulic log splitter work?

There are various components found in a hydraulic log splitter. Each of these components plays an important role to make the splitter work optimally. However, the most important ones include the cylinder, pump, engine, filter, and the hydraulic valve.

The log splitter uses a hydraulic cylinder to move a wood piece into the wedge, which will then split the wood. The cylinder is powered by hydraulic oil, which is created by a hydraulic pump. An electric motor, or engine, controls the pump shaft and generates power for the entire machine. The oil in the hydraulic pump goes to the hydraulic valve, which has control over the motion of the cylinder.

IV. How to Choose the Right Hydraulic Log Splitter?

A log splitter works by putting great pressure against a surface area to split pieces of wood. But, how will you know which type works best for your needs?

Measuring how much pressure a wood splitter can apply is through tonnage. Selecting the right tonnage for your log splitter will depend on these factors:

● The Hardness or Density of the Wood
Woods like hickory and oak are great examples of hardwoods, while cone-bearing trees are softwoods. Determining the hardness of the wood will help you decide whether or not you need a splitter that is capable of more force.
● Seasoned or Green Logs
Seasoned logs are those that were dried for at least half a year and will appear browner than the green logs. On the other hand, green logs are those that were just cut. Experts recommend waiting for logs to dry enough before cutting them. If you need to split green logs, then go for a powerful hydraulic log splitter.
● The Diameter of the Wood
Simply put, you’re going to need a log splitter that applies more force if you’re going to split thicker logs.

V. Log Splitter Market Trends

Log Splitter Market Trends

● Petrol Log Splitters
● Horizontal Log Splitters
● Vertical Log Splitters
● Electric Log Splitters
● Hydraulic Log Splitters

Due to the increasing demand for firewood processing, the market for log splitters is continually increasing. Cold areas, such as the USA, Europe, and Canada, have really low temperatures for majority of the year. These regions play key roles in the rising demand for log splitters.

Another reason for the demand for log splitters is due to environmental issues. There is also the increasing price of heating oil for domestic purposes. Firewood has become essential in keeping houses warm. Countries like Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand use firewood during the winter season. This has affected the rise in log splitters.

Basing on the past five years alone, the increasing market for log splitters is evident. Horizontal, vertical, and petrol log splitters are seen to have steady demand over these years. However, the demand for hydraulic and electric log splitters continues to be on top.

VI. China Log Splitter Export Trends and Analysis

VI. China Log Splitter Export Trends and Analysis

In the image above, you can see that the total imports in China have at least $1.5 Billion for the past nine years. The leading imported products include electrical machinery, reaching $413 M in sales in 2016; minerals and fuels, $177 M in 2016, and mechanical machinery $148M in 2016 among others. For log splitters, there are at least 280 manufacturers and there has been a record of 297 buyers and successful 5,324 shipments.

The top ports of loading for export shipments include Shanghai, Ningpo, Qingdao, Pusan, Hulutao, and Yantian.

VII. USA Log Splitter Import Trends and Analysis

USA Log Splitter Import Trends and Analysis

The USA is known as one of the largest importers across the globe. For the past nine years, their total import commodities are at least $2B. Their top imported products include vehicles with $285 M in 2016, mechanical machinery with $315 M in 2016, electrical machinery with $336 M in 2016, and minerals and fuels with $163 M in 2016.

For log splitters alone, there is a record of 314 buyers and 5,699 successful shipments. The leading import buyer is Ytl International, Inc., which has a record of 494 import shipments for log splitters.

Log splitters are essential for several purposes, which is why their demand will continue to increase over the years. If you are planning to get one, make sure to get it from someone reliable, like Austter. Surely, your investment in a log splitter will be worth every penny!

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