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Stump Grinder: Everything You Need To Know

A stump grinder is a purposeful power tool which is used to remove the stump of a tree. The power tool works to remove the fallen tree completely by using its power to chip away bit by bit at the stump of the tree.

For this purpose, the stump grinder has a multi-tooth cutting wheel which can spin at very high speeds. This tool, when powered, uses this wheel to chip and tear bits off the stump gradually; with each spin, the progress of the grinder is deeper and deeper.

Removing the stump is an arduous and time-consuming process. The operator must keep on passing the grinder over the stump until it is completely removed. Since the machine removes small bits at a time, this process can go on for a while.


When Do You Need To Use A Stump Grinder? Why Should You Use It?

Felling tree is an easy process. You have to hack away at the tree until it is removed from the base of the trunk. However, after you have done so, a small stump will remain rooted to the ground. While leaving the stump alone is an option, there are several reasons why you should not do that.

First, having the stump of a tree in the middle of a field is striking and can be considered to be an eyesore. Moreover, this can also be hazardous, as if the stump is relatively small, people can trip over it, or if it isn’t, it may still act as a blockage to the path.

Stump Grinder

Most people think that once a tree has been felled, the stump is dead and is going to rot and disintegrate on its own. However, that is not the case. Even after felling a tree, the stump stays alive.

It is after all a part of the tree which is connected to the roots which can provide the stump with the nourishment that it needs to stay alive. This stump, which most think is a nuisance, can grow into another tree without any help. It can sprout shoots and emerge as a new tree over time.

Hence, it needs to be cleared off completely. How can you go about doing that? With the help of a stump grinder of course! Although there are other methods which are available, and can be used to get rid of the stump of a tree, a stump grinder is the most effective out of the available options.

Although it takes a little bit of time, compared to other options, this time seems like nothing at all. You can spare a few extra minutes to ensure that the work is done properly and efficiently. A stump grinder is a power tool. Hence, it can quickly hack away at the stump and grind it down into small chips of wood, until the stump is not there anymore.

The stump grinder can convert the stump into something useful rather than keeping it in the same spot to stick out like a sore thumb. This power tool can be used to grind the stump so finely that it turns into mulch.

This mulch is not a waste product though, as it can be used in a garden as a way of nourishing the soil. However, if you do not want to use the mulch, it can be buried into the soil or even burned.

Whatever you decide to do with the mulch, it is obvious that the mulch is far easier to deal with than the large chunk of wood which would stay rooted to the ground and may even develop into a new tree.


What Is The Reason To Remove The Stump?

Sometimes, a stump may rot and decompose by itself. However, this is a long and slow process which can take many months to reach completion. It can even take up years. Additionally, as mentioned above, just because the tree has been felled, it does not mean that the stump is dead. It is able to regrow by sprouting shoots, and hence, all the hard work done before will only go to waste.

tree stump

One way in which you can ensure that the stump is gone is by speeding up and ensuring the rotting process. You can do so by cutting the stump and then covering it with compost or soil. However, this does not completely get rid of the problem.

In fact, it may lead to the growth of honey fungus. This fungus not only grows on dead and decomposing plants such as the stump, but it can also spread to other live plants nearby, which is not desirable. Hence, grinding the stump is the most viable option that a person has in order to get rid of it.

The best way for you to be able to get rid of a stump is to grind away at it with your power tool until a hole has been created. The hole should be at least four inches deep, though you can go even deeper depending on the size of the stump. Once the hole has been created, all you have to do is fill the hole with compost to ensure the rotting process.

By covering the hole completely, you are able to ensure that no sunlight reaches the stump and that no fungus is able to grow in it. Additionally, it also ensures that no new shoot is able to sprout up and regrow into a tree. This is the most comprehensive way of ensuring that the stump is removed completely.


Is Investing In A Stump Grinder A Wise Idea?

If you live in a heavily wooded area, or you have a lot of trees to fell, then you are no stranger to the arduous process of getting rid of a stump. You may take care of the tree in your lot by ensuring that its branches are trimmed so that they do not catch fire if there happens to be a storm.

In order to ensure that the remaining trees in your property remain safe and healthy, you need to remove the stumps of felled trees completely to ensure that no fungus is able to spread and destroy the live plants.

If you are into forestry work, then felling trees is a major part of your daily life, and removing a stump completely is something that you have had a lot of experience with, and something that you have a lot of knowledge about. If this is the case, then owning your stump grinder is a wise choice. It does not matter whether or not you are a professional; even as a homeowner, you can use a stump grinder to get your advantage.

Owning this power tool means that whenever you are in need for it, you can pick it up easily and start grinding away. You do not have to pay any rental fee on the item, which can add up over time and become more expensive than paying for the power tool, nor do you have to worry about the tool not working efficiently because of poor maintenance.


What Wheel Size And Cutting Depth Is Required?

Since there are various sizes offered for a grinder cutting wheel, it is important that you learn about them before you purchase one. Looks can be deceiving, and merely choosing the largest wheel that you can find does not ensure that your work is done quicker. There are several factors affecting the way a wheel is able to grind or chip the stump.


• The angle of the wheel to the axel
• The way the safety guard has been designed
• The distance between the axle and the point at which the cutting wheel has been mounted

These are just a few factors which affect how efficiently a wheel is able to cut the stump.


What Safety Gear Should I Wear When Using A Stump Grinder?

A stump grinder is a power tool, and hence you need to be careful when you are using it. Safety gear should always be in place when you are using a power tool. The cutting wheel of the grinder is not only sharp but it also moves at a very high speed, which can be dangerous if not used and handled properly. If there is no safety gear when using this power tool, the consequences can be critical.

Therefore, when using this power tool, here are the safety gear that you should always adorn:

Steel-Toed Boots: To protect your toes and your foot from any flying chips as well as from the wheel
Long Pants: So that your legs are not harmed by the sharp chips of the stump
A Long-Sleeved Shirt: To prevent injury to your arms due to the sharp chips that may fly away from the stump
Safety Glasses: To provide protection to your eyes

Hearing Protection: To ensure that your ears are not harmed by the loud and often grating noise of the stump grinder
Gloves: Which have an elastic closure to ensure that they are wrapped securely around your palms.

When using this power tool, it is important always to be aware of your surrounding and keep your hands and feet away from the blade. If there is someone else with you to assist with the stump removal or to observe the process, ensure that they are in safety gear too, or that should be standing at least 50 feet away from the place of action.

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